Weather causes multiple spinouts

January 16, 2009 9:48:03 AM PST
Severe cold and train derailments weren't the only morning headaches.There were numerous spinouts because of icy roads. State police responded to seven separate crashes involving 15 vehicles on the Ontario Feeder Ramp from the outbound Kennedy.

Six cars were towed, but no one was injured.

"Oh man, we were coming out of the Ontario, right where you go over the bridge. And as we were coming down we saw two or three cars wiped out, started wiping out, 360," said Tawer Gabriel.

The outbound Kennedy at Armitage was shut down briefly early Friday morning while crews spread salt.

A state police squad car was struck at that location when it was responding to a crash. The trooper was not injured.

There were also accidents on the outbound Dan Ryan at 18th Street and on i-55 near damen.