South Side women watch history

January 20, 2009 5:01:09 PM PST
In Chicago, many people held inauguration parties to watch Tuesday's festivities.More than a dozen friends gathered at a home on the city's South Side to enjoy the inauguration.

Veletta Bell was kind enough to allow ABC7 into her home. The South Side resident gathered together several women who have a lot in common with First Lady Michelle Obama. They are all professionals in their 40's who all grew up on the South Side of Chicago.

Today is a day that one of the women simply summed up as "wow."

The champagne was flowing at Veletta Bell's South Side home. The 45-year-old invited about a dozen of her close girl friends to watch history.

"This is a culmination of all the women in various stages of my life," said Velletta Bell.

All gathered closely on the couch with their eyes peeled on the TV as the nation's first African American took the oath of office.

With a slight flub in the oath, these women laughed it off and were anxious to hear the end of the oath.

It's a moment these women admit never thought would happen in their lifetime.

"I guess the fact that all races seem to have come together to elect this man. It makes me proud, it makes me proud to be American," said Kimberly Echols.

"The best thing about it is I feel so well connected with what is going on our country and history. I feel like I'm actually a part of it all," said Toya Randolf.

And while all ears were intent on listening to the inaugural speech, it was a room full of close girl friends after all. So, the chit chat took over and the conversation turned to fashion, specifically Michelle Obama's dress.

"She looked beautiful, I didn't like the green gloves, but she looked beautiful," said Randolph.

"Today her dress was fabulous. I absolutely loved it," said Anna Horn.

But the talk of fashion did not over shadow what this day is all about.

"President Barack Obama. He has proved that with perseverance and hard work you can do and be what ever you want to be," said Horn.

Anna Horn also echoed President Obama's call for personal responsibility. Horn says the election of Barack Obama means there are no excuses any more. Kids can now grow up to be anything they want.

By the way, the close girl friends all tivoed Tuesday's inaugural speech. They said they will go home and watch it again with out any interruptions.