CTA seeks federal transit funding

January 21, 2009 7:35:34 PM PST
The CTA is taking its case for more transit funding all the way to Washington.CTA board chairman Carole Brown will testify on Thursday at the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

CTA officials are hopeful of getting a big chunk of money likely to be included in President Obama's economic stimulus plan.

On Wednesday night, brown told ABC7's Paul Meincke that the administration is looking for quick projects that can be spent within 90 days.

"And what I want to reiterate is as long as the process is streamlined, as long as they look at is as kind of an emergency to help stimulate the economy and invest in the economy, hence to streamline the process of getting the money to us, that we've got plenty of projects ready to go," said Brown.

Brown said those projects include purchasing 58 new buses, updating rails, new signal work, and station improvements.