Asian Bolognese with Egg Noodles

January 27, 2009 1:13:06 PM PST
Recipe courtesy of Chef Jackie Shen, Red Light.Makes 4 servings

For the Bolognese:
1 pound ground pork
2 tablespoons Shaoxing wine or dry sherry
3 tablespoons Kikkoman soy sauce
½ teaspoon minced ginger
½ teaspoon minced garlic
3 6-inch trimmed scallion stalks, white and green parts, minced, divided
½ teaspoon sesame oil
1 cup canned tomato puree (not paste)
1 tablespoon sriracha sauce
Salt, to taste
½ pound Chinese egg noodles or American medium egg noodles
1 lime, quartered

To make the Bolognese:
Mix the pork, wine, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, 2/3 of the scallion, and sesame oil together in a large bowl.

In a heavy-bottomed 4-quart saucepan, over medium-high heat, sauté the ground pork mixture, stirring, until fully cooked. Add the tomato puree, sriracha sauce and cook, over medium heat, stirring frequently, until sauce reduces slightly and thickens, about 30 minutes. Taste for salt and add between 1 and 2 tablespoons.

To serve:
Cook egg noodles in boiling salted water with 1 tablespoon of salt, according to package directions. Drain. Divide noodles equally among 4 heated bowls. Top with Bolognese sauce. Garnish with remaining chopped scallion and one lime wedge for each plate. Squeeze lime over sauced noodles just before eating.