Governor Quinn visits South Side church

February 1, 2009 8:40:52 PM PST
Gov. Pat Quinn took his message of reform and repair to a South Side mega church Sunday.The visit came as he was preparing to go to Washington later in the week to mend some relationships with Illinois Congressional delegation.

Quinn has taken the reigns of state government and wants some help from the federal government. Sunday, he cited scripture before a faithful crowd at the House of Hope to talk about hope and the challenges ahead.

In his third day in office, Governor Quinn took a selfless tone, offering a message of service and humility.

"Helping our neighbor, helping our community, helping our country, that is what it is all about, that ethic of service," Quinn said.

The recalled during the inauguration of President Obama being told to kneel so that those behind him could see the historic event.

"I think there is no better place than church than to genuflect and on that special day. When Barack Obama raised his hand, I was on my knees thanking God," said the governor.

Quinn announced plans to go back to the nation's capital to get try and get Illinois funding for transportation, education and healthcare.

I had the honor of speaking to President Obama last Friday. He called me up, and I really look forward to working with him in Washington and all across our country and our state. We have a great president who understands everyday people," Quinn said.

The Illinois Republican Party president is grateful to be getting past the Blagojevich era, but he says Governor Quinn's time would be better spend here at home.

"We just think it's wrong for Governor Quinn to be traveling to Washington. He helped get us in this problem. He had a sit-down with the legislature, sit down with his focus and say we need to tighten our belt," Andy McKenna said.

McKenna also said the governor and other Democratic leaders need to acknowledge their part is getting Blagoejvich re-elected only to be impeached amid a federal investigation.

Members of the House of Hope church are used to seeing appearances by politicians. However, Sunday was Governor Quinn's first visit. He stayed for the entire service in which Rev. State Sen. James Meeks acknowledged tennis great Arthur Ashe and Illinois Poet Laureate Gwendolyn Brooks as Black History Month begins.