Heavy rain prompts flood concerns

March 9, 2009 9:01:08 PM PDT
People were sandbagging on Monday night in some suburbs and parts of the city in preparation for another round of strong storms expected to hit the area. Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood was hit hard by floods just last year.

City crews built walls of sandbags on Monday night. And residents of Albany Park who live near the North branch of the Chicago River are hoping and praying that it's not deja vu all over again.

"The last time was scary but this time it looks like it might not be that that bad," said Phyllis Caprio, Albany Park resident.

The last time was scary for Pamela Kane who showed ABC7 how high the water got in her basement last September.

"And it would be coming up the stairs. It was about four steps from the top and I was standing up there just scared stiff," said Kane.

Everything in her basement was destroyed. Now, with a new boiler and water heater in place, she and everyone else in the neighborhood is keeping a close eye on the river.

It did recede on Monday after the weekend's heavy rains.

It rained so much the Water Reclamation District says the deep tunnel is full with 1.6 billion gallons of water.

"If it rains anymore we will have no more capacity in the tunnel," said Dick Lanion, Water Reclamation District.

That has Chicago's water department asking residents to check on catch basins, make sure they're free of debris to help prevent street and basement flooding.

In Naperville on Monday night, the 9-11 memorial is already taking on water. And several businesses along the DuPage River are sandbagging once again.

"We're just hoping that we don't get too much and they don't open up the dam and that we really flood it way up to the house," said Neda Darwishy, bakery owner.