Curry's son with Knicks star's family

March 20, 2009 9:34:11 AM PDT
Pro basketball player Eddy Curry now has custody of his 3-year-old son.The child's maternal grandmother turned the child over late Thursday night. But there may be another chapter in this custody battle.

The boy had been living with his grandmother since his mother and baby sister were killed in January.

A spokesperson for Yolan Henry says she is exhausted after the handoff of her grandchild and unclear whether she will be fighting the decision. The child, Noah, is with the father's family.

On Friday morning, one of two court-appointed attorneys for Noah said it's best for the child to be with his father, but has words of caution.

"He needs both sides of his family to be involved in his life. And I strongly advocate that the Henry family be a part of his life because he has known them since birth," said Lester Barclay, attorney.

The handoff happened Thursday night in front of a judge. Noah Curry's grandmother gave the boy to the parents of Eddy Curry. Eddy Curry was at an earlier hearing but had gone back to New York for a game.

"Noah embraced the Curry family," said Lisa Newman, Henry family spokesperson.

The maternal grandmother had temporary custody after the late January murder of Noah's mother, 24-year-old Nova Henry. The man charged is her former attorney and ex-boyfriend, Fredrick Goings.

"He suffered a severe tragedy with the loss of his mother and younger sister. And to that end, he is in need of intensive therapy," said Barclay.

Barclay says he doesn't know if Yolan Henry will appeal. He said the transfer of the child went well.

"I like what Mrs. Curry said, 'You're not kissing him good-bye but kissing him good night. He will be made a part of both families,'" Barclay said.

Noah Curry's attorney is not exactly sure where Noah will live, even though Eddy Curry works in New York. The attorney says Eddy Curry does have a residence in Chicago.