Emily the Chickadee Book Series

(News Release) After moving to the country outside of Portland, Oregon from the Midwest, Carol Zelaya's love of nature and its precious gifts grew. Surrounded by trees, mountains, streams and wildlife on a daily basis, she was in an inspirational writing environment. Now, Zelaya also finds solace and comfort in this setting and in her country home, having just lost her husband and biggest supporter of her writing to a sudden heart attack while on vacation after Thanksgiving.

Moving through her loss, Zelaya now continues her mission to help young children appreciate the beauty of nature and what little creatures can teach us with her Emily the Chickadee series, based on true experiences at her home. The idea came about when she became fascinated by a chickadee in her own backyard who built nests in the most interesting places.

Zelaya has donated her books to hospitals and children's organizations around the Portland area. She hopes to give children, especially those in families and schools that can't afford to buy new books, the opportunity for education and an early appreciation of nature.

"Writing is like journaling for me, and I couldn't ask for more peaceful and beautiful surroundings in which to do it," says Zelaya. "It was by fulfilling my commitments to children's charities in the weeks after my husband's death that kept me going, specifically our children's hospitals. I hope my books bring comfort to hospitalized children and those undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Writing chose me for a greater purpose, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else."

About the Books

In the first book of her series, Emily Waits for her Family, the little girl meets Emily, the chickadee, in her backyard and watches in amazement as she builds a nest to raise her family of chicks. Caring for Emily's Family, the second book of the series, follows Emily and her chickadee family as they settle into a permanent home in the little girl's backyard. The final book of the series, Emily's New Home, illustrates the importance of loyalty and the special bond of friendship. The little girl is forced to move to a new home and wonders if she will ever see her friend Emily again. Emily follows the little girl and surprises her by building a nest in the wreath of her new front door.

For More Information

You can visit EmilytheChickadee.com to learn more about Emily the Chickadee and author Carol Zelaya.
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