GQ names Andersonville pizza best in America

May 19, 2009 (CHICAGO) According to GQ magazine, the Mortadella Pie at Great Lake, located at 1477 West Balmoral Avenue in Andersonville, is the best pizza in America.

The magazine's food writer lists 25 of his favorite pizzas- with Mortadella Pie taking the top honor. ABC7's Hungry Hound visits Great Lake

Owner Nick Lessins is overcome with joy at being recognized as the best.

"It's really nice to be in the same company of a lot of people that I already highly respect," said Lessins, Great Lake Pizza.

Lessins is known for taking time in preparing and making his one of a kind pizzas. GQ singles out the Mortadella Pie as the best ever. All of the pies are made with fresh products. Lessins makes just five pizzas and each one is unique. The dough is homemade and for Lessins it is all about crust and the best products.

"Our pizzas change from time to time and I just try and put a lot of care," said Lessins.

Just across the street at the Taste of Heaven cafe owner Dan McCauley raves about the great lake pizza.

"They so deserve it. That man loves his business. He loves his work. His wife said to me one time he loves his dough more than he loves his money," said Dan McCauley, Taste of Heaven Café.

"I think it's great. I think Chicago is great with everything," said Helen Sternberg, Chicagoan.

Lessins says he loves being selected by GQ and is still overwhelmed by it all.

Great Lake uses organic, often local ingredients. The Mortadella pie has goat and cow milk cheese from Wisconsin and fresh marjoram. Online reviews say the pizza options change throughout the seasons and call the restaurant 'small,' but 'cozy.' They also warn diners that they may be seated close to other parties. And, there may be a wait.

Especially now.

Great Lake is BYOB.

GQ's complete list of best pizzas: 1. Chicago: Great Lake - Mortadella Pie
2. Brooklyn: Lucali - Plain Pie

3. San Francisco: Pizzeria Delfina - Panna Pie

4. Phoenix: Pizzeria Bianco - Margherita With Prosciutto

5. Providence: Bob & Timmy's - "Spinach-And-Mushroom Pizza"

6. New Haven, CT: Sally's Apizza - "White Pie With Potato"

7. Los Angeles: Tomato Pie -"The Grandma"

8. New York City: Co. - "Margherita"

9. Philadelphia: Tacconelli's - "White Pie"

10. Brooklyn: Totonno's - "Margherita With Pepperoni"

11. Port Chester, NY: Tarry Lodge - "Clam Pie"

12. New Haven, CT: Frank Pepe - "The Original Tomato Pie"

13. Harrison Township, MI.: Luigi's "the Original" - "Gourmet Veggie Pizza"

14. San Francisco: Gialina - "Wild-Nettle Pie"

15. Detroit: Buddys - "Cheese Pizza"

16. Marina Del Rey: Antica Pizzeria - "Pizza Del Cafone"

17. San Francisco: A16 - "Romana Pie"

18. Providence, RI: Al Forno - "Grilled Pizza With Roasted Eggplant"

19. Boston: Galleria Umberto - "Square Slice"

20. New York City: Famous Joes - "Slice"

21. Farmington Hills, MI.: Tomatoes Apizza - "Pepperoni Pie"

22. Philadelphia: Osteria - "Zucca Pie"

23. Boston: Santarpio's - "Homemade-Sausage Pie"

24. Detroit: Niki's - "Cheese Pizza With Feta"

25. New York City: Una Pizza Napoletana - "Margherita"

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