Police supt: More cops could return to street duty

February 13, 2010 4:15:46 PM PST
Chicago's police superintendent expects that after a review of his department, some officers will be reassigned from desk work to street duty.Supt. Jody Weis spoke to ABC7's Stacey Baca on Newsviews.

He said that Chicago and other cities nationwide have budget deficits and are below their authorized police strength.

However, Weis stressed that Chicago is adequately policed, and crime is down, and he said he looks forward to the review, which Mayor Daley ordered.

"We're in challenging times right now. The city's hurting financially, and it's incumbent upon all the department heads to look hard at what their responsibilities are and say, 'Can we work smarter?' And that's what our goal is with this, and we hope to get some more officers back on the street," Weis said.

The entire interview with Superintendent Weis will be broadcast Sunday during ABC7 News beginning at 8 a.m.