Call for federal probe in E2 nightclub tragedy

February 17, 2010 4:44:09 PM PST
Family members who had loved ones die in the E2 nightclub tragedy are starting a petition drive to get the U.S. Justice Department to launch a federal investigation.Family members say they have yet to get a straight answer as to who is at fault.

It was seven years ago on Wednesday when 21 people were crushed in a stairwell of the Chicago nightclub.

The families say they need to know what triggered the deadly stampede so they can have closure.

"For us to not have any answers and still wake up with the same pain of not knowing what happened that night, it's horrific in itself but what's more horrific is to know that they just want this thing to go away. It's not like they're trying to make this right or hold anyone accountable," said Sheretta Patterson-Pennington whose daughter died in the stampede.

The families want the former E2 site to be used as memorial for the victims and a safe haven for teenagers.