Country club's closing throws off wedding plans

March 11, 2010 5:14:39 AM PST
"Closed" signs are posted at a country club in Hobart, Indiana. The club's closure happened suddenly and has thrown some wedding plans up in the air.

Valparaiso couple Deborah Conn and Brian Green have been planning their March 20 wedding for months. They were going to get married in the gazebo of the River Pointe Country Club in Hobart, Indiana, and have the reception in the club's banquet hall.

The couple learned Tuesday from relatives that the country club closed down Saturday. They could not believe it because they have a signed contract and deposited more than $1,000 for the venue. They say they have left several messages attempting to reach club officials.

"I feel kind of taken advantage of," said Green.

The couple says that River Pointe has not returned their calls or money. They budgeted $4,000 for the wedding, cutting costs on invitations, which they made themselves; the cake, which is to be made by the owners of the Blackbird Cafe; and the wedding dress and music.

"My end of the contract has been held up. I'm prepared to go and get married there and they have no facility for me," Green said.

Tom Cagle is a member of the country club and says the closure is a sign of the times.

"We just couldn't stay open -- fixed costs," said Cagle said.

The couple say they don't want to be perceived as victims because they're not; they're very much in love. But now they only have 10 days to plan a wedding. River Pointe has suggested other venues to them.

"Give us our money back and let us go somewhere else," said Green.

The couple have three children between them. They met through their kids at school events. Conn's son Ryan and Green's children, Brian and Gabrielle, have been looking forward to the wedding.

The couple is thrilled to have found love again the second time around. They say they will have to forgo a family honeymoon to pay for the wedding venue on such short notice because their money is tied up in the closed country club.