Sheriff's officer saves woman from fire

April 9, 2010 4:03:03 PM PDT
A Cook County Sheriff's Office investigator is being called a hero after he risked his own life to save an elderly woman trapped in a burning house.

Early Thursday morning, Trois Shavers was on a routine call when he stumbled on a fire in Dolton. He alerted two neighbors to the fire raging next to their houses.

Shavers, who supervises officers at the Sheriff Electronic Monitoring Unit, was in Dolton at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning when he noticed a fire in a home at 152nd St. and S. Hastings Dr. He could not immediately get inside because of the intense heat and smoke. He learned that the house was not occupied, but that did not alleviate his concerns.

"My fear was somebody needs help in the house," said Shavers. "I witness the house and the house next door on each side because we know that fire jumps."

The 19-year veteran of the Sheriff's Office said he then noticed the smoke spreading to the home next door and immediately got one family out. He also tried to rescue the elderly woman in the other home.

"When I pulled up and saw the fire, I was scared knowing that I'm here, I'm in a sheriff's car, and I can do something."

Shavers made multiple attempts to break the door of the elderly woman's home. When he went inside the first time, he had to step back because of the smoke. He then covered his face, went back inside, and tried to rescue her.

The father of three said he was not thinking about his family when he entered the building, but that he was more concerned about the welfare of those inside the smoke-filled homes.