Eddy Curry, son's grandma reach agreement

May 5, 2010 (CHICAGO)

"I am pleased, but I cannot say anything else further," said grandmother Yolan Henry.

Curry got full custody of his 4-year-old son, Noah, after the boy's mother, Nova Henry, and Noah's 10-month-old sister, Ava, were found shot to death inside their South Loop townhome in January of 2009.

Noah Henry was 3 at the time, and inside the home when the killings happened. Two months later, Curry moved the boy to New York, where Curry plays for the Knicks.

In court Wednesday, Curry explained how the boy adjusted to the move.

"In the beginning, it was devastating to him. He would see his mother and his sister in a lot of things - stuffed animals and toys - like he was trying to replace them. He thought about them a lot and talked about them a lot. As time goes on, he is definitely coping with it. I think he's is doing great," said Curry.

Curry was back in court, though, because Henry wanted court-ordered visitation - a legal chance to visit her grandson. Once the agreement was reached, both sides would not reveal any details.

"We are very pleased this evening that we were able to workout an amicable arrangement for the Curry family and the Henry family. So the minor child, Noah, will be in lives of the Henry family. We're very pleased with the cooperation and spirit of cooperation," said Lester Barclay, child's representative.

"We're just pleased that it's over. We're pleased the parties have come to an agreement and they're moving forward looking out for the child's best interest," said Kelly Saindon, Curry's attorney.

Fredrick Goings is charged with killing Noah Henry's mother and sister. Goings is being held at the Cook County Jail without bond and is scheduled to be back in court next month.

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