Dead dogs, cats found in Chatham home

June 2, 2010 (CHICAGO) Five dead dogs and two dead cats were found in the home in the 8200-block of South Rhodes. Some other animals were malnourished, officials said.

Neighbors said the renter moved out last fall and left her animals behind. She reportedly came back to check on them from time to time at first, but neighbors said the dogs have been quiet for awhile.

"Why would you do that? Maybe it's not a human being but it is alive," said Lydia Boone, neighborhood.

The stench led police to the home.

"You could smell something dead. It was a weird, thick odor. And every time the wind blow it blew from over there to over here," said Jason Edwards, neighbor.

"It was pretty tough deplorable conditions feces some mold the residence is uninhabitable at this time," said Sgt. Mark George, Chicago Police Dept.

"That's not right. No animal, no human should be treated that way. It's inhumane. You should give it up of you can't take care of it. Give it up for adoption or give them to someone you know who is able to take care of them," said Jason Edwards.

"You kept coming back witnessing this. No. No. something is really, really wrong with that," said Boone.

Police are investigating the circumstances around the investigation. Police want to talk to the woman who owned the animals.

The four dogs that were taken to Animal Care and Control are being evaluated.

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