Soccer camp kids cheer on US

June 23, 2010 (EVANSTON, Ill.) The match was scoreless until the final minutes, but with Donovan's goal the US beat Algeria, 1-0, on Wednesday. The second round of the World Cup begins this weekend.

Kids at an Evanston soccer camp- 130 of them- took a break from field to cheer on the team.

"It was fun. Just watching it. You can't be watching it at home with your parents but with your soccer friends and it's fun," said Braden Adamson-Tate, 9.

"I think they might make it again," said Ben Sollinger, 9. "They are playing really strong now."

"America has come back playing really great," said Matt Grady, 11.

"Greatest experience of my life to be honest with you, not just the way we did it but watching 150 kids celebrating, hugging, jumping and high-fiving each other. It's rewarding as a coach," said Tim Lenahan, coach.

The eighth graders are part of a week-long soccer camp.

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