South Side residents frustrated by more flooding

June 27, 2010 (CHICAGO) It is sure to take days to clean up basements that have flooded.

The storms moved out of the area by late morning, leaving some South Side homeowners frustrated with flood damage.

"It wasn't our house. It was the city and all their water. It was backing up into my house," said Yvonne Robinson.

Just as Robinson cleaned up $5,500 in water damage from the last storm two weeks ago, the basement of the home her family just purchased one month ago flooded again Sunday.

And Robinson is not alone.

"Every time it rains, I get water, not as much as today -- maybe a few feet under. Today was worse," homeowner Sandra Brownlow told ABC7 Chicago.

Some panicked residents called 911 for help, but because the water was too high, responding firefighters could do nothing.

"It's terrible. I'm just crying like a little baby," said area resident Thelma Wimbely.

Several blocks in Chicago's Brainerd neighborhood on the South Side were hit hard after more heavy rains arrived Sunday morning. Longtime resident Jessie Turner blames the city's sewer system for his flooded basement.

"I have a pump in the house and so much water gets in there and the water has no place to go. So, it has to find itself some place else to go when in the sewers are plugged up," he said.

City officials say they received hundreds of calls about the neighborhood flooding. Officials issued a statement that reads, "We have additional crews in the area to respond to this most recent rain event and will be responding to flooded basements as quickly as we can."

The alderman of the Chicago's 21st Ward, Howard Brookins, tried Sunday to calm angry homeowners who hold him responsible.

"He has not done anything since he has been elected.

Brookins promised action.

"We are going to ask water management to come out here and get a long-term fix for the solution to the flooding problem," he said.

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