Back-to-School Looks and Hair Care Tips

August 18, 2010 (PRESS RELEASE)

The summer is almost over and now and many students are ready to take on the fall with a new, fresh look. During the summer, children and teens may have kept shorter lengths and layers to survive the effects of the sun and heat. Now that fall is arriving, and the pace of our lives speeds up, it's time for everyone in the family to look fantastic with very little effort, says Shahina Pervez of Great Clips.

"Parents with girls: Avoid having your daughter's hair cut with lots of layers especially if you don't have the time in the morning to style it, Shahina says. "Instead, choose one-length haircuts such as bobs."

Boys will be sporting faux hawks and messy-hair looks, she adds.

Here are some tips on creating the hottest looks for fall. Haircuts shown on ABC7 by Shahina Pervez and Christie Gilming of Great Clips.

Tips for Girls:

  • Avoid girls' cuts with lots of layers especially if you don't have the time in the morning to style it. Instead, choose one-length haircuts such as bobs
  • If layers are desired, go for long layers that add a little movement
  • Invest in cute barrettes or headbands to keep hair out of their faces and make it easier to see the blackboard or computer screen.
  • Braids are "in" for the fall.

Tips for Teens:

  • Let hair grow a little longer and then cut it into layers to create soft waves for the new season ahead.
  • Accentuate those waves with accessories including headbands and barrettes.
  • Not everyone will be sporting waves. We will also see the classic straight cuts and blunt-shape styles with the heavy fringe and texturized ends.
  • Freshen short summer cuts with a stacked bob and choppy bangs.

How to get waves:
Try achieving waves by washing your hair at night. After you have done that, let it air dry a little bit until its 50-60 percent dry then apply smoothing product with pliable hold. After you have combed the product through, braid your hair and sleep overnight with them. When you get up in the morning, put on your make-up, take out your braids, run your fingers through with some serum

Tips for Boys:

  • Boys love faux hawks because they can style it conservatively by wearing it down or look fierce by pulling up their sides to the center.
  • Justin Bieber "bangs" is the must-have cut this year for the older boys.
  • Boys also like the classic short layer haircut with textured ends for the perfectly messy hair look

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