Widow of man killed in home invasion talks

August 23, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Two gunmen forced their way into a Morgan Park home early Friday morning killing the owner of the home, 71-year-old Anthony Anglin. His wife, Barbara Anglin, was away on a field trip for senior citizens in Greenbay, Wisconsin when she received the news.

"My niece, who lives in Indiana, called her mother, who was with me, to tell me that my husband was dead from a home invasion. I was devastated," said Anglin.

Anglin and his wife Barbara moved to the Morgan Park community when they got married 39 years ago and raised their five children in the home.

Sunday was supposed to be a birthday celebration for Barbara, a cancer survivor. Instead, she is planning her husband's funeral.

"My heart is broken. I've lost my best friend, my very loving husband," said Anglin.

Leroy Owens, 27, and Jonathan Robinson, 25, have been accused of murdering her husband. Mrs. Anglin says she now fears for her life in a community she once felt safe in.

"I felt I was free to move about in my neighborhood. It'll never be the same," said Anglin.

She says the gunmen first approached her son outside of the home by his car when he managed to run and call police for help. But it was too late. The offenders entered the home and went through their belongings, taking cash and threatening her son's date at gunpoint before they shot and killed the love of her life.

"There was no reason to murder him. It was heartless. My grandchildren no longer have grandpa. I guess I want to see these folks punished," said Anglin.

Mrs. Anglin says her husband lived for his family and his 12 grandchildren.

"He loved his family, loved his grandchildren. He was a wonderful man," said Anglin.

Mrs. Anglin said her husband always refused to have a security system because he felt safe in the community. She will now be installing a security system and has not decided whether or not she will remain in the home.

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