Nurse returning from Iraq receives hero's welcome

September 26, 2010 (DES PLAINES, Ill.) Emily Kasmar was greeted by members of the Warriors Watch Riders in Des Plaines after landing at O'Hare.

The 27-year-old has been stationed just north of Baghdad since February.

"I'm very grateful that there are this many wonderful people supporting us and everything that we're doing over there. I really appreciate it," Kasmar said.

She was very highly regarded over in the Iraq theater," said the woman's father Kevin Kasmar. "She got all the tough cases. We learned this from her lieutenant colonel. She never talks about this stuff, but she just did fantastic things over there."

Emily Kasmar was a freshman at NYU during the terrorist attacks of September 11. The experience led her to major in nursing, enroll in the school's ROTC program and eventually serve her country in Iraq.

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