Daley appoints 3 new aldermen

January 12, 2011 4:41:01 PM PST
Mayor Daley filled three Aldermanic vacancies Wednesday in the 4th, 28th and 38th wards.

In the 4th Ward, Shirley Newsome, 30-year resident of North Kenwood-Oakland communities, will replace Toni Preckwinkle

In the 28th Ward, Jason Ervin who worked in city relations for Ald. Ed Smith will replace the retiring alderman. Since 2007 Ervin has served as Maywood village manager.

And in the 38th Ward, retired deputy building commissioner Timothy Cullerton will replace Tom Allen. He says he won't take his previously earned city pension while serving as alderman. He is of the well known Cullerton family.

Newsome will be a caretaker alderman. She won't run. The other two are on the ballot. All of these appointments require city council approval.