Fans thrilled to be part of 'Midwest Super Bowl'

January 23, 2011 6:48:59 PM PST
The Bears-Packers game was a nail biter, but all of hype in Chicago leading up to this historic match-up somehow failed to translate onto Soldier Field.

Fans at the game, however, are still psyched to be part of the "Midwest Super Bowl."

"This is huge. We are so excited. I know people were selling their tickets for a lot of money. We do not care because this is great. It is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for us," said Bears fan Carolyn Logiurato.

"This is the Super Bowl of the Midwest. That's what everyone's saying. You have to be here to experience it," said Bears fan Mary Beth Bleifuss.

The parking lots were packed with tailgaters but Packers fans are few and far between.

"The Bear fans are after the Packer fans, but they're the best fans in the world. We've had a great time today," said Packers fan Jerry Ahler.

This is Bears Country, where they know how to prepare a meal in the parking lot.

"This food is just to get started, to get pumped up," said Bears fan Rubino Orozco.

Bears fans also know how to dress for a game in January at Soldier Field.

"I would rather be warm than cold. This is going to be such a great game today," said Bears fan Mike Barthel, who even protected his face from the cold with an orange face mask.

It was the toughest ticket in town but a generous donor helped some Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans get into the game. Gov. Pat Quinn hosted them at a pre-game lunch.

"We have got to win. I have a bet with governor of Wisconsin and I don't intend to lose it," Quinn said earlier Sunday.