Free maids clean for women battling cancer

February 10, 2011 10:07:16 AM PST
Founded in 2006, Cleaning For a Reason is a nationwide foundation that gives women with cancer a break from doing housework.

Who doesn't like having their house cleaned at no charge? A Chicago-area woman says her house has never looked better.

"They're wonderful. I love them, and I am going to miss them," said Mary Ann Humphrey, who was given free cleaning services from Oak Lawn's The Maids.

"They do the bathrooms, the kitchen. They do the cabinets, the floor, the microwave, the dishwasher, refrigerator," Humphrey said.

The Maids' co-owner is Ellen Bureck.

"An average cleaning is about an hour and half," Bureck said.

"We send in a team of four. We do the vacuuming, the dusting, the bathrooms and the kitchen. So, we do a very thorough clean," said Bureck.

The Maids is one of many cleaning services that donates their staff through Cleaning For a Reason Foundation.

"For the year 2010, they did $600,000 of time, of money was donated for that," Bureck said.

The Maids just got involved with Cleaning For a Reason Foundation.

"We will provide cancer patients with four times within the year for cleaning. So, they choose on when they would like it. They can do it weekly. They can do it monthly," said Bureck.

To qualify for this service. women must be undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Humphrey had lung cancer and will be receiving chemotherapy for the rest of her life.

"I started out once a week. Then, I went twice a week, and now, I do once a month because I'm in remission," she said.

"We always like to give back to the community, and I don't think that anybody can say that they don't know somebody who's been touched by this horrible disease. So, it makes us feel good to be able to go into these homes and help women that, maybe when they come from treatment, the littlest things," Bureck said. "So, we can go through and take care of that for them and maybe just make their life a little bit easier at that time."

If you know someone who is receiving chemo and would be interested in cleaning services go to,