Valentine's Day gifts: larger than life cards, flowers

February 7, 2011 10:06:51 AM PST
All week long, we are helping you get ready for Valentine's Day and have some unique ideas to wow your sweetie this year!

Impress your love one this Valentine's Day with a gift that is sure to shock, and maybe be a bit humorous.


Instead of just a regular size card and rose, spice up the traditional gift with a larger-than-life version. Sure, you could go to the drug store and pick out a standard card that says "I love you" or "Be Mine". But with Big Funny Cards, you can also show your Valentine how "large" your love for them really is. BigFunnyCards come in three LARGE sizes: 4 feet, 3 feet and 2 feet tall. Each card is customizable online and allows the uploading of digital photos onto the card. No other greeting card on the market is as large and can be personalized online and shipped within 48 hours ? with no extra shipping costs. There are six greeting card categories on the site pre-loaded with templates to help customers get started. After a template is chosen, the proprietary Victory Design Technologies online design tools allows a user to quickly and easily customize a card for a loved one. The greeting card categories include: Birthday, Christmas, Get Well, Valentine, Thinking of You and Wedding. has started with just a few dozen templates, but plans to have more than 250 choices in the next year. BigFunnyCards are printed on corrugated plastic and are 100% recyclable.

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Need a gift a little smaller but with a big impact? A printed flower is a perfect gift and offers a great surprise. Flowers with large petals, such as rose petals, littlies and tulips, can be printed on with an unlimited amount of words, phrase, logos, and even pictures. Surprise your loved one with a picture of themselves and make it a Valentine's Day to remember.

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Deux Amis (located in lincoln park)
1913 W Diversey Pkwy
(773) 687-8427


These roses are like none other and are sure to make a big impact on your sweetie. Organic Bouquet's spectacular roses measure 6 feet in height. On an Ecuadorian farm nestled between two volcanoes at more than 9,600 feet, these stunning red roses grow naturally tall in their native soil. The ultimate in elegance and beauty, each stem boasts a large head which opens to an astonishing 3-4 inches in diameter, creating a sea of lush red rose petals that stay fresher longer. Pricing range from 85.95 for one rose, or 279.95 for a dozen. Organic Bouquet hosts a Flower's for Good page, where the purchase of each bouquet donates a percentage of the price to that bouquet's coinciding charity. Consumers have over 55 charities to choose from, from Amnesty International to Green America and the Breast Cancer Fund, providing a gift that will keep giving long after the flowers are gone.

    Valentine's Day Promotions:
  • Delivery available on Monday, February 14th with no delivery restrictions (Fex Ex does not pick up on Sundays, but OB has made a special deal with them to get around this issue for the holiday)
  • Organic Bouquet's Valentine's Day Promos:
    1.) 1 Dozen Red Roses with free vase and chocolates.
    2.) BOGO on Sweetheart Roses (red, white, pink roses).
    3.) BOGO on red roses.

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