Obama not making calls for Emanuel

February 15, 2011 3:16:55 PM PST
Barack Obama says he is not making calls to help Rahm Emanuel win his mayoral bid in the president's hometown of Chicago.

During a press conference in Washington Tuesday, Obama said Emanuel, his former White House chief of staff, doesn't need him to.

"I don't have to make calls for Rahm Emanuel. He seems to be doing just fine on his own," Obama said.

After mentioning that he talked to the president on Monday night and does so regularly, Emanuel said he's never asked for Obama's help.

"I think the president, I know, appreciates it. But this is for me to go earn," said Emanuel.

Emanuel visited the North Sheridan El stop, the 100th El station he's visited since beginning his campaign. He vowed to make an appearance in every ward between now and Election Day.

"This is the third time I've been at the Loyola stop. And then we're gonna have continued stops?stops in every ward ," he said.

Meanwhile, Gery Chico shook hands at a Northwest Side diner, then called on Emanuel to take down a television ad that claims Chicago taxpayers would save an average of $200 under Emanuel's proposal to reform sales and utility taxes.

"There is not going to be any $200 savings for anybody in this city based on his mathematics," said Chico.

Carol Moseley Braun was up even earlier speaking media editorial boards, including ABC7. During a televised debate Monday night, she questioned how one-time Clinton adviser Emanuel made $18 million as an unregistered lobbyist in the two years after he left the White House.

"When you talk about ethics and reform and battling corruption it kind of starts at home," said Moseley Braun.

Miguel Del Valle, who will air his first television ad on ABC7 Tuesday night, says Obama's words do not indicate Emanuel is endorsed by the president who also has spoken highly of Del Valle.

"My guess is that the president would also say that he doesn't have to make calls for Miguel Del Valle because he's also made his feelings clear about my ability, my skills and my support," said Del Valle.

Also on Tuesday, hundreds of union members plan a rally for Gery Chico and two candidate forums are planned in the evening.

ABC 7 will broadcast a live debate between the major candidates in the race for mayor Thursday, February 17 at 7 p.m. It will take place at the Oriental Theatre. It will also be streamed live on our website ABC7Chicago.com.