Dolton trustees boycott meeting amid contract dispute

March 8, 2011 6:15:16 AM PST
The village of Dolton has apparently settled the fuss over a contract the mayor reportedly planned to award his daughter.

Angelique Lewis manages the Dorchester Senior Housing Center which is owned by Dolton. Her father is Dolton mayor Ronnie C. Lewis.

Two Dolton trustees claimed he planned to award her a contract worth $1.4 million. They boycotted the village's city council meeting Monday night.

"There is no way I can vote on this. That is why I am boycotting this," said Willie Lowe Jr., Dolton trustee.

At the meeting the mayor revised the contract to $1, but it also calls for the mayor's daughter and another manager to get paid a total of $140,000.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the new deal also would allow the village to change the payout in the contract at any time, which is a major concern to critics who think the issue is far from settled.