Man breaks into house, calls 911 from inside

March 10, 2011 4:30:13 AM PST
911 dispatchers get all sorts of calls but here's are one that doesn't happen often.

A man in Portland, Ore., called police about a break in -- he made the call from inside the house that he broke into.

Here is what they said on the 911 tape:

Operator: 911.

Caller: I just broke in to a house, and the owners came home.

Operator: Wait, you broke into a house?

Caller: Yeah.

Police say Timothy Chapek, 25, broke into a home to take a shower.

When he heard the owner return, he got scared and called 911. The homeowner found him in the shower and she called 911.

Here is what they said on the 911 tape:

Homeowner: Why are you in my house taking a shower?

Timothy Chapek: I'm sorry.

Homeowner: Who are you?

Timothy Chapek : My name is Timothy Chapek.

Homeowner: Why are you in my shower?

Timothy Chapek: I broke in,

Homeowner: Alright, I am calling the police.

Timothy Chapek: I have already called them. They are on the phone right now.

Chapek was arrested and charged with trespassing.