Dart unveils new body scanners at Cook County Jail

March 15, 2011 7:20:04 PM PDT
Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart unveiled new body scanning machines at the county jail Tuesday.

The machines are said to have the most technologically advanced images available.

Cook County Jail is the first major correctional facility in the nation to use the RadPRO SecurPASS machines.

In a seven-second scan, officers are able to determine if a detainee is hiding drugs, weapons or other contraband in their clothing, hair or even in a body cavity.

The new technology could also come in handy for legal purposes.

"The one part of this that is sometimes lost in the shuffle is lawsuits. As some of you know, we've been sued over the years in the previous methods done in searching individuals. This will allow us to ensure that virtually no searches will have to go on. The machine does it for us," said Dart.

The machines do not show any anatomical outlines or facial features to ensure privacy.