Fans react to Blackhawks playoff Game 3

April 17, 2011 8:52:44 PM PDT
Chicago Blackhawks fans knew there was a lot riding on Sunday night's playoff game.

And while many were relieved when their team scored first, Hawk fans didn't get the turnaround they'd hoped for. The Blackhawks lost to the Vancouver Canucks 3 to 2. The Canucks now lead the Western Conference Quarterfinal Series 3 to 0.

As the sun set on the United Center, Blackhawks fans knew their team was going to need a good dose of fan spirit. Some fans at West End Bar and Grill were ready to cheer the team through Game 3.

"We cannot go down 3-0. We cannot do it. We're looking good already," said Hawks fan Luis Santellano.

"I know for a fact the Hawks are going to come back," said Hawks fan Dan Craig.

Early in the game it appeared the good vibes were working, with a goal by Duncan Keith.

"It's very exciting. It was good to see them score a goal first before the other team," said Hawks fan Andrea Amato.

"I think they have a much better chance of winning the series now," said Hawks fan Derek Felton.

ABC7 found the battle between optimism and pessimism play out at the bar Market -- watching the Stanley Cup Champions struggle in the quarterfinal series can have that effect.

"I think we gave away too many players last season, so I don't think they're going to be able to do it this year," said Hawks fan Neil Robbin.

"I'm trying to tell him not to give up hope," said Hawks fan James Rhine about his friend Neil Robbin.

The Blackhawks play the Canucks in playoff Game 4 on Tuesday night.