Police: Man charged in woman's murder called 911

July 16, 2011 (RIVER FOREST)

On the call, Devin Bickham Sr. sounds distraught, to the point that the operator has a hard time understanding him because of his crying. However, prosecutors say that his are the sobs of a killer trying to cover his tracks.

Police say the Chicago woman, Chervon Alexander, was gunned down in Devin Bickham Sr.'s car, which was sitting in a parking lot Monday night.

Bickham Sr., his son, Devin Bickham Jr., and a third man, Cardell Taylor, are all now charged with first-degree murder.

In the recording, Bickham Sr., can be heard telling an officer that his girlfriend had been shot by "some guy." and that the driver had kept going afterward.

Prosecutors say the married Bickham Sr. hired the two others to kill Alexander, his girlfriend, because she was pressuring him to leave his wife.

After pulling into the dark parking lot near Dominican University, prosecutors say Bickham Sr., sent a text message to his son and Taylor, who then drove up.

Police have identified Taylor as the triggerman and say he was paid $200 by Bickham Sr. before the shooting and promised another $200 after the job was done.

Taylor and Bickham Jr. were stopped in their vehicle and arrested minutes after the shooting. In their car was the alleged murder weapon, a semi-automatic pistol.

Prosecutors say both men have implicated Bickham Sr., who is a former North Chicago police officer, though his attorney maintains his innocence.

"This is something that I believe, at the end of the day when it goes to trial, my client is going to be found innocent," said Mike Clancy, attorney for Bickham Sr.

Alexander, 29, had been telling people that she and Bickham Sr. were engaged. Court records show Bickham Sr. had been having money problems. A recent bankruptcy filing lists him as separated from his wife.

All three defendants are being held without bond.

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