Career tips for the new year

January 7, 2012 6:50:35 AM PST
Did you do something stupid at your office holiday party? Or are you hoping to simply move your career forward in the new year?

The new year could mean new beginnings, but there are also career resolutions you might want to avoid. Emily Zorza, division director for OfficeTeam, a division of Robert Half International (link:, joined us in our ABC7 studio to give tips.

Emily's Tips:

1. "I want a promotion."
TIP: Set up a meeting with your manager to discuss your career objectives and the ways in which you can bring more value to your firm in an advanced position.

2. "I want a raise."
TIP: Research salary trends -- for example, consult industry resources such as the annual Salary Guide (link: from Robert Half to determine average pay rates for someone in your position.

3. "I want a new job."
TIP: Schedule time each week to revise your resume, build your LinkedIn profile, research new job opportunities and set up meetings with business contacts.

4. "I want to build my network."
TIP: Join at least one professional association, and attend meetings regularly. At work, foster your internal network by joining cross-departmental teams and participating in companywide activities.

5. "I want to enhance my marketability."
TIP: Pursue a certification, learn a new software application or take a course to develop your skill set.

6. "I want to improve my work performance."
TIP: Meet with your boss to identify areas for improvement and establish career objectives.

Tips for Office Etiquette
1. Keep it "PG-rated."
2. Don't air grievances publicly.
3. Take a breather.
4. Put the tweezers away.