4 killed in I-80 crash remembered

February 7, 2012 4:39:13 AM PST
His fiancee says 34-year-old Jason Wepsiec was working hard to get his life together.

A picture of Wepsiec looking out at the waves and the clouds in Miami was his favorite and his fiancee, Kelli Minger, says it is symbolic of the future they planned together. Wepsiec was on his way to her Plainfield home early this morning when his Ford Escort collided with an Infiniti travelling the wrong way down I-80 near Hazel Crest.

"He was so happy, focused on getting his life together," Minger said.

Police say the driver of the Infiniti had made an illegal u-turn on the interstate after apparently taking the wrong exit. Twenty-eight-year-old Gustavo Vargas and three friends were on their way home from a club in Harvey. Police say they had been drinking.

"He was a very charismatic guy," Israel Vargas said. "He had crutches and was disabled, but that never stopped him from accomplishing what he wanted to do."

Vargas was born with spina bifida. He was killed in the crash along with friends 26-year-old Jorge Pina and 28-year-old Armando Ruiz. Thirty-one-year old Eduardo Rodriguez was the only survivor. He was critically injured, but spoke to his sister in the hospital.

"The guy who was driving flew to the back, so he was on top of him," said Rose Rodriguez. "He was trying to grab him, to pull him out but he couldn't because the fire was too fast."

Minger says she and her fiancé were planning on going apartment hunting this week. She is finishing school and he was looking for a job to support their family.

"I'm still in shock," she said "He was the love of my life. Never should have happened."