Subway restaurant worker shot to death

February 10, 2012 2:17:42 PM PST
The longtime manager of a Subway restaurant in Ukrainian Village was shot to death behind the counter during a robbery Thursday night.

Police are still looking for the gunman and hope video surveillance will lead to his arrest. Police say he came into the store near closing time, demanded money and shot Lyn Ward, 57, in the neck as she tried to run away. He ordered another employee to open the cash register, grabbed some money, and ran.

Bieu Hoang is the previous owner of the Subway.

"We worked together for years. And she is a beautiful, very good," Bieu Hoang, previous owner said.

Ward lived in Uptown. The property manager did not want to talk on camera but told ABC7 Ward, who is from Detroit, was friendly and loved plants. She was also trusting in how she opened the restaurant.

"There used to be a glass enclosure so you couldn't just hand your money over to the clerk and go through a turnstile, but it just seems like the last couple of years it's been such a nice, safe place to go and eat," Kevin Maloney, customer said.

"It is clean restaurant, it has become so friendly, all the owners are friendly, all the workers are friendly, it is just a sad situation," Kevin Maloney, customer, said.