Author shares how to rally back after being dumped

February 11, 2012 5:50:23 AM PST
Especially around Valentine's Day, love is in the air wherever you turn, and that can be tough for those who have just been dumped.

Author Caird Urquhart (link: is offering help to get back on your feet in her book, "30 Ways To Better Days: How To Rally After You've Been Dumped." She joined us in our ABC7 studio with a few tips.

Caird Urquhart's Tips

1. Take Control Of The Situation
- Don't Play Victim
- Decide How People Affect You
- Decide Whom To Let Into Your Life

2. See The Red Flags
- Trust Your Intuition
- Watch For Physiological Reactions

3. Grieve Your Break-Up
- Have A Grief Team
- Cry & Rest
- Watch What You Eat, Exercise
- See A Coach Or Therapist - Read Inspirational Books

4. Rallying Back After Being Dumped
- Embrace Change For A Better Life
- Let Go Of Anger
- Befriend An Ex