FBI ups reward for dad of city sticker artist

February 10, 2012 3:22:01 PM PST
FBI officials say Herbert Pulgar, 42, is a known gang member wanted on federal drug charges and the subject of a national manhunt since 2008.

He is also the father a of a Chicago boy whose design for the next vehicle stickers was selected but then rejected due to allegations that gang signs were within the artwork. FBI officials say they have been looking for Pulgar for years, but have increased the reward to $10,000.

"He was charged in a criminal complaint, along with another defendant, with supplying over 50 grams of cocaine during an undercover operation," an FBI official said.

Pulgar's last known address was 2747 West Wilson in Chicago. He was one of 17 known and suspected gang members charged with drug violations following a two-year investigation in 2008. Pulgar is the only suspect still on the loose.

Police said Pulgar, who goes by "Herbie," should be considered armed and dangerous. He is 6'2" with black hair and brown eyes and several tattoos on his arms and shoulders.