Activists upset over TipsyCake Bakery's 'Humboldt crack bar'

February 23, 2012 5:20:51 PM PST
A group of Humboldt Park community members are calling for a boycott of TipsyCake Bakery in Wicker Park.

Demonstrators are upset that owner Naomi Levine named one of her pastries "Humboldt crack bars." The group also takes offense at a recent joke Levine made in an online interview when she claimed that she had to move her business from Humboldt Park to her current location because there were too many "bullets in the cake."

The protesters call her remarks racist.

"We have the business community here who has tried so hard to revitalize our commercial streets in Humboldt Park and we don't need Miss Levine to try to undo what we have so hard tried to work at," a demonstrator said.

Levine posted an apology on the bakery's Facebook page. She says she failed to take the time to develop a real understanding of the community and the history of the people that she has had the fortune of living among for the past 6 years.