Pastor launching next step of plan to build center

March 7, 2012 8:57:22 PM PST
A South Side pastor who lived on the roof of an abandoned hotel for three months is launching the next part of his plan.

At his church Wednesday night, Pastor Corey Brooks told church-goers that crews will soon begin demolishing the building. He was joined by Reverend James Meeks.

"We plan to make sure the building is down by April 1st," said Brooks. "We have several people who put in bids to tear it down, so we're not lacking people who want to demo, we got lots of people who want to demo it."

Pastor Brooks says the abandoned hotel has been a haven for drugs and prostitution. He camped out until he raised the $450,000 need to buy and level it.

The pastor is now trying to raise $15 million to build a community center on the site of the abandoned hotel.