Puppies removed after video of abuse posted online

March 9, 2012 3:17:47 PM PST
A 22-year-old man and 13-year-old boy are charged with animal cruelty and torture after posting videos on the internet in which they toss puppies into the air and let them fall to the ground.

Bond was set at $150,000 Friday for Joshua Moore, who told investigators he abused the animals because he was bored. Moore admits to the abuse, police said, and considered it to be entertainment.

In the videos, Moore and the boy force the dogs to eat their own feces, spin them in the air on a leash like a propeller, and throw them in the air. In one video, the suspects put duct tape on a dog's testicles and rip it off.

Moore is charged with eight counts of cruelty to animals and four counts of animal torture.

"I've been on this beat 3 1/2 years and there's been some other instances, but this is the worst ? extremely cynical, calculated, callous," Chicago Police Department Sgt. Mark George said. "It is a prelude to other psychopath behaviors. It has been proven with other mass murderers, if you have callusness toward and an animal, you can do it to a human being."

The ten dogs were taken from Moore's South Austin home by Animal Control officials.

"They're very timid," Cherie Travis, Animal Care and Control, said of the dogs. "And the largest thing is the fear these animals experienced."

Neighbor Willie Bridges said he had seen the dogs before, but had no idea anything was wrong.

"He'd be out here walking them. He takes care of the dogs," Bridges said.

The group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reported the abuse to police and helped get the videos removed from youtube.com.

"The man claims this was an attempt to entertain, and clearly swinging a dog around like propeller, spraying lemon juice in an animal's face, that not entertaining," Tracy Patton of PETA said.