CPD blows up suspicious package in Pilsen

March 12, 2012 4:13:49 PM PDT
Chicago bomb and arson officers blew up a suspicious device they later determined to be road flares attached to a cellular phone or similar device.

Officers responded to the 1600-block of West 18 th Place after the suspicious package was found in a garbage can. They detonated the package as a precaution. No one was hurt.

"We found out it was in the bucket next to the bus stop and you know they thought it was dynamite, they thought it was. We couldn't get near it [because] of the explosions with their equipment and stuff," the woman who found the device said.

Officers are now trying to determine who left the package there- and if he or she meant for it to look like a bomb.

No one was injured, but Benito Juarez High School, which is just a few blocks from the scene, was locked down and several roads were closed while police worked.