AG files suit against Mo' Money Taxes

March 15, 2012 4:55:23 AM PDT
The deadline for taxes is April 17, but some in the Chicago area were shocked to find out their tax refunds were filed without their consent. Now, action is being taken locally to protect other taxpayers.

The office that used to house Mo' Money Taxes on Stony Island is now available to rent.

Alentay Green says she went to the office in December for a holiday loan and was declined. Then, a few weeks ago she says she discovered Mo Money filed for her tax refund without her knowledge.

"What they have done to my life and other peoples' lives, it just wasn't fair," Green said. "It just wasn't right."

In February, there were near riots outside of the office when Mo Money clients complained about not being able to get their tax refunds and unauthorized tax refund filings.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a lawsuit against Mo Money today for hidden fees and filing inaccurate tax refunds.

"There are so many problems with the Mo' Money organization, it's almost unimaginable," Madigan said. "They filed on their behalf for credits that they shouldn't have gotten. They made estimations of what their income was, which really at the end of the day puts people into a problematic position vis-à-vis the IRS.

"It has been an outright disaster for hundreds of people in Chicago area and East St Louis.

Green was expecting $5,000 back, but now the single mother and part-time nursing assistant is depending on the generosity of relatives to get by.

"What they just done to me and other people in general, it's not fair," she said. "I hope that they catch up with them and they get jail time. I just want me money."

No one answered in the corporate office for Mo Money Taxes and their e-mail address was returned as unrecognizable.

Madigan urged consumers who had tax returns processed by Mo' Money to contact the Internal Revenue Service at (800) 829-1040, (800) 829-4059 TTD or visit

Taxpayers who receive a refund from Mo' Money should not cash or deposit the check and contact the IRS immediately. Taxpayers who have already cashed or deposited a refund check from Mo' Money should be very cautious.

These consumers may be subject to an IRS audit and required to return their refund. Consumers should call the IRS immediately.

Taxpayers audited by the IRS may be eligible for free legal representation from one of the following organizations:

  • Center for Economic Progress: (312) 252-0280
  • Loyola University School of Law, Federal Tax Clinic: (312) 915-7176
  • Prairie State Legal Services: (630) 690-2130 or toll-free (800) 690-2130
  • Administer Justice: (847) 844-1100 or toll-free (877) 778-6006