Hair stylist's call saves customer's life

April 8, 2012 10:00:00 PM PDT
Jose Moran has gotten to know many of his customers pretty well in the two decades that he's been cutting hair in Schaumburg, but few clients are as reliable as 82-year-old Joan Lubovice, who has a standing appointment every Friday.

She never canceled without calling, so when she failed to show on Friday a couple weeks ago Moran had a feeling something was wrong. So he went to check on her himself.

After calling around to area hospitals with no luck, Moran decided to call police to check on Lubovice. They found her on the floor of her home unable to move after suffering a series of small strokes. She had been there more than 20 hours with no food, drink or rest. Paramedics rushed her to nearby Saint Alexius Hospital.

Lubovice is now at a rehab facility in Hanover Park recovering. Administrators declined to let us talk to her Monday night, but her son said she is walking and talking and recovering well, and the family is very grateful to Moran for possibly saving her life.