Police silent about Bridgeport raid

May 18, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Four of those arrested have now been released.

The other six were scheduled for bond court today, then authorities said it would be noon Saturday.

Their attorney is highly critical of a warrantless search and any suggestion that police found Molotov cocktails.

Sarah Gelsomino, of the National Lawyers Guild, said the conduct of Chicago police was outrageous.

"We were met with silence," she said. " 'No, we don't have anyone in custody, no we can't confirm three was a raid.' This is outrageous behavior by the Chicago Police Department and the city of Chicago."

On Wednesday night, Chicago police raided a six-unit building near 32nd and Morgan in Bridgeport.

Nine people were arrested on suspicion of committing felony conspiracy, according to one man who was among those released without charges. Darrin Annusek of Philadelphia was asked whether something in his background might have prompted his detainment.

"Myself, I have no arrests in my background," he said.

As one police mugshot reveals however, Annusek was arrested by Wake County, N.C., authorities last December during an Occupy protest.

While the Bridgeport raid investigation continues according authorities, a 10th man in custody appears to be related to that case.

Mark Neiweem, 28, was arrested on explosives charges in the 1200-block of South Union near a Western Union Office.

Neiweem is a self-professed anarchist who frequents their chat rooms and is a member of the Anarchist Black Cross. In 2010, he was charged with punching a Chicago police officers in the face, a case for which he is now on probation.

Chicago police have declined to talk about the raid, the arrests or whether the components for molotov cocktails were found in the Bridgeport home. On Friday, a spokesperson for the Cook County States Attorney told ABC7, "things are still developing in the case." She declined to give details.

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