Dog who fell off boat in river found on North Side

May 29, 2012 (CHICAGO)

"Yesterday morning, we woke up to a nightmare and by midnight it was a dream come true," said Dr. Mark Lewis, owner. "It's just a horrible feeling not knowing where your child is, lost on the river somewhere,"

"We're overjoyed. We have our baby back, and we love him so much," said Linn Lewis.

On Sunday evening, Tank slipped off the back of the Lewises' small boat. He was wearing a yellow life jacket with the word "gladiator" written on it. The couple began an extensive seven-hour search down the Chicago River several times looping around Goose Island searching for Tank.

"I was convinced that Tank was not in the water or dead in the water and he was not on the shore because we would have seen him," said Dr. Lewis.

"We had faith that he would swim to shore and would find his way off and be running around somewhere," Linn Lewis.

The dog was found not far from where he fell off the boat near Lawrence and Kedzie. Katherine Santos says she was in the park walking her own dog when Tank ran right up to her. Santos said she saw media reports with a picture of tank and contacted the Lewises.

"My sister and I, we started looking online and we saw him ... and then we contacted them and told them we had him," Santos said.

Tank is happy to be playing with the Lewises' other dog Collie.

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