'P.S. I Still Hate It Here!'

June 13, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Diane Folanga's latest book is "P.S. I Still Hate it Here," and it's just as funny as her first book. The letters were written from children ages 8 to 16 to their families. We have some of our favorites, and she's here to share some of hers. "P.S. I Still Hate It Here" is available on , Amazon.com

Linda's picks:

#1 Pg. 48 "Bacterial Disease"

Dear Mom & Dad,

I just woke up, because there were flies buzzing in my ear.
Our cabin is so dirty and un-clean, that (I caught) this bacterial disease called Empitiga
So far 4 people in our cabin have it under their armpits.
I have it all over my face and starting to get a bunch under my armpits.
It's super contagious.
I am getting a big puffy wart on my knee and it hurts.
The nurses treated us terribly.
The Empitga

#2 Pg.96 – "Me or the Money"

Dear Mom,
My Cold is worse! I hate it here.
Who do you care about me or the dumb money? You must care about the money.
If you love me you will pick me up, if not, I will take a taxi home or ride my bike.
I know that you must not miss me or love me.
If you did you would pick me up from this gross!! Camp & take me home.
My foot is starting to hurt again! I love you.

#3 Pg.25 "Fake Farts"
I just had lunch and we had hamburgers!
I have the best cabin.
We fake farted all night.

Sylvia's Picks

#1 Pg. 75 "Hell on Earth"

Dear Mom and Dad,
I'm doing fine. It's pretty fun because you get a lot of free time to shoot around.
The food is awful, I live on bread.
You forgot to get me a lock, but I bought one.
Mom and Dad, this is about a day later. And I am very sick.
I couldn't get to sleep at all and I keep throwing up.
The cabins are awful, and I hate it.
I really want to go home.
They lied when they said you should stay two weeks, because each you start the same stuff.
If hell is a place on earth, this is it.
Charlie wants to come home too, but doesn't have a letter.
I know you can't pick us up, but I wish you could.
There's no way I can stay any longer please call right when you get this.


#2 Pg. 98 "Ignore Dad's Crap"

Dear Mom,
I miss you so much can you come and get me please?
I can't stand it anymore, and just ignore what dad says, cause I don't give a crap about it.
Just get me out of here.

#3 Pg. 95 "I'll Pay you Back"

I know you're proud of me (which you shouldn't be), and I know you want me to accomplish this; but, I don't want to, I can't, and I won't!
Please... I'll pay you back, I'll go to piano, and I'll be good for the rest of my life!!
I promise! Please let me come home, when you visit!
Don't get me wrong, I'm having fun, but that's because I know I'm coming home in one week!
Love M

Diane's Picks

#1 Pg. 92 "Counselors are Looking"

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
I miss you a lot, but having a lot of fun.
It is rainy, but my counselors are awesome, but my cabin is not so good.
I only have Scooty, Eric and Ari. Everybody else, I don't like.

Look on the back
Can you pick me up please?
The counselors were looking, so I wrote that.
Please pick me up.
Love you.

#2 Pg.128 "Better than you Yelling"

Hey Mom!
I'm so having SO much fun!!
In water ski, I almost made it around!
I miss you!
But this is so much better than you yelling at me, Joey , and Dad! (no offense!)
But honestly, having so much fun!
Have Joey write me more!!
Love you sooo much!!!


#3 Pg. 132 "Please Don't Come Visit"

Miss you guys, but I'm having a BLAST.
Please don't come visit me!
Thanks. LOVE YOU


For every parent who's ever received a letter from a homesick child or anybody who's ever written their parents with crazy requests from their bunk, P.S. I Hate It Here: Kids' Letters From Camp will delight with hilarious and heartwarming real-life letters.

In the bestselling tradition of nostalgic looks at classic rites of passage, such as Camp and Bar Mitzvah Disco, P.S. I Hate It Here: Kids' Letters from Camp captures a childhood experience shared by millions. This collection of real letters written by children ages eight to sixteen to their parents about their adventures at summer camp are laugh-out-loud funny and will have readers reminiscing about their own camp days.

More than 150 letters cover all the imaginable scenarios of sleep away camp, from acing the cabin lice inspection, to rowing in the "ricotta" race, to breaking the bad news about a retainer lost in the wilderness. These letters reveal that kids are wittier and more sophisticated than we might assume, and that the experience of being away from home for the first time creates hilarious and lasting memories.

Diane Falanga, author of P.S. I Hate it Here: Kids' Letters from Camp, is a mother of two and was inspired to put these books together after receiving melodramatic camp letters home from her then eight-year-old daughter. Diane lives on Chicago's North Shore.

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