Cardinal George to undergo 4 months of chemo

August 28, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Tests determined Cardinal George has cancerous cells in his right kidney, according to a Chicago Archdiocese statement. Based on that, his doctors have recommended Cardinal George undergo four months of chemotherapy, broken up into six session that are three weeks each.

"Chemotherapy will be administered the first two weeks of each session and the third week, free of chemotherapy, will allow the immune system to recuperate," The Chicago Archdiocese statement.

The first session will be on Wednesday, September 5.

"The Cardinal plans to maintain his regular work schedule and meet his daily obligations," according to the statement. "His public schedule will be reduced during the weeks that he will not be receiving chemotherapy, because his immune system will be weakened."

Cancer was also found in a nodule in Cardinal George's liver, but that nodule and some of the area around it were removed during a biopsy. No more cancer was detected in the liver, tests showed.

In the statement, the cardinal also thanked people for keeping him in their prayers.

Cardinal George seemed upbeat late Tuesday afternoon arriving on the Loyola campus to dedicate a new college seminary building.

"So far so good," he said.

It is the cardinal's second battle with cancer. In 2006, Cardinal George had his bladder removed after he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Neither the archdiocese nor hospital will comment on whether this recent diagnosis is connected to the bladder cancer.

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