Romney, Obama on final campaign blitz

November 5, 2012 (CHICAGO)

PHOTOS: Final Push before Election Day 2012

Romney visited Florida, Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire while President Obama started the day off in Madison, Wis., before moving on to Ohio and Iowa. Mr. Obama headed home to Chicago late Monday to prepare for Election Night.

Both presidential candidates enlisted some star power on the day before Election Day.

On Monday, Gallup released it final poll indicating a tossup, with 49 percent for Gov. Romney and 48 percent for President Obama. That marks a four-point swing in the president's favor since the latest Gallup poll released one week ago.

Gov. Romney spoke Monday morning at an event in Sanford, Fla., just north of Orlando. Then he was off to the battleground state of Virginia for two events there. The first one was in Lynchburg in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the central part of that swing state. Romney promised the crowd that better days are ahead and with his leadership, he says, America is about to come roaring back.

Later Monday afternoon, Romney was in Fairfax, Virginia, outside Washington D.C., for an event at George Mason University.

"I've learned as governor of Massachusetts that the best achievements are shared achievements. I've learned that respect and good will go a long way and are usually returned in kind. That's how I will conduct myself as president. I will bring people together. I just won't represent one party. I'll represent one nation," said Romney.

On Monday evening, Romney headed back to the crucial state of Ohio to meet supporters in Columbus. Then he was going to wrap up his campaign Monday night in the same place where he started it in Manchester, New Hampshire. His wife, Ann, was set to join him there for a big rally and a musical performance from Kid Rock.

The president began the day not too far from Chicago in Madison, Wisconsin. The Obama campaign believes their path to 270 electoral votes runs through the Midwest. That's why the president was scheduled to wrap up his campaign Monday night in Iowa.

Obama held an event Monday afternoon in the biggest battleground state of them all-- Ohio. Bruce Springsteen and hip-hop superstar Jay-Z opened for him during a rally for him at an arena in Columbus.

During his stop in Madison, Mr. Obama told the crowd that he continues to fight against the status quo of gridlock in Washington -- gridlock that he says the Republicans engineered as a political strategy.

"What they're counting on now is that you're going to be so tired of all the squabbling, so tired of all the dysfunction that you're just going to give up and walk away and leave them, leave them right where they are. Pulling the strings pulling the levers and you lock out," said Obama.

As "the Boss" improvised an Obama re-election theme song in Ohio, in Chicago, volunteers made more phone calls to Wisconsin and other battleground states.

At Chicago's City Hall, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the president's first chief of staff, praised the Obama administration's record on jobs.

"He has the leadership, the character, the judgment we need for the next four years and he has a strong case to make to the American people," said Mayor Emanuel.

"We are going to be calling and knocking on doors until the last polls close on the West Coast," said Melanie Roussell, Obama campaign spokesperson.

Obama and the first lady planned one last stop Monday night in Des Moines before returning home to Chicago to spend all of Election Day in the president's hometown. The president has planned a pickup basketball game.

After the polls close, McCormick Place will host the president Election Night festivities. Ten-thousand people are expected; all of them must have a ticket to get inside.

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