Man pleads not guilty to hoarding charges, Aurora birds up for adoption

December 4, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The birds -- canaries, finches, parakeets and others -- were found in the home of David Skeberdis last October. Officials also found about 120 dead birds and say there were mounds of bird seed and feces.

Skeberdis' town house has been condemned. His attorney, Roderick Mallison, said there are still birds inside the suburban home that Skeberdis "has not been able to capture yet."

On Tuesday, Skeberdis, 57, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of animal hoarding and acknowledge his bird collecting got out of control.

"They're in pretty good physical shape," said veterinarian Peter Sakas. "When you get into a situation like this, you're not helping them at all."

"You have to fill out an adoption application," Barbara Morris, Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club, said. "Our main concern is to cover some of our cost, but to help the animals find a good home."

To adopt one of the birds, visit or call (630)640-4924.

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