Huge crowds show up for game as Hinckley-Big Rock beats Mooseheart

December 5, 2012

Hinckley-Big Rock is the school many Mooseheart supporters believe is behind the effort to have their three players from Sudan ruled ineligible by the IHSA.

The rivals' meeting on the basketball court tonight brought out an at-capacity crowd and high emotions.

Hinckley-Big Rock superintendent Pete Pasteris said his school never filed a complaint. They merely relayed a question about the issue to the IHSA last winter.

In the meantime with all the attention on their battle in a court of law, the players from Mooseheart are happy to be on a basketball court tonight.

All eyes were on the three talented players in red Mooseheart uniforms from war-torn Sudan. They are able to be on the court thanks to a judge's ruling Tuesday that the IHSA failed to give them a hearing before suspending them. Their coach Ron Ahrens believes the IHSA will reverse its opinion.

Interest in the story filled the 1500 seat gym to capacity which is quite a feat for a school with fewer than 300 students.

Hinckley-Big Rock prevailed in a tight game. But it remains to be seen whether this and their other victories this season will hold up.

If the IHSA rules against Mooseheart in a hearing Monday, the school could be forced to forfeit all their wins this season.

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