Sesame Street divorce video takes on tough subject

December 12, 2012

As part of its Little Children, Big Challenges series, "Sesame Street" put together a video for kids explaining divorce and how some children may live "in two houses."

The video stars character Abby Cadabby.

"Divorce can be a big challenge for both children and parents. Though times may be difficult, children can emerge feeling loved and supported. You can all grow through these family changes and discover just how strong you really are," the website says. "You are not alone. Family, friends, neighbors, and others are there to offer support. Here are some tools to help your child through your divorce."

PBS said nearly 40 percent of children experience the divorce of their parents. The video is targeted for children ages 2-8.

In the video, Elmo, Rosita and Abby draw pictures of their houses. When Abby draws two houses -- one is her mother's, one is her father's -- the group talks with Gordon about what "divorced" means.

"Sesame Street" tried to approach the topic of current divorce in the late 1990s with a video featuring Snuffy. The new video is aimed at kids who are past the transition of divorce.

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