Tiffany Six, porn star teacher Stacie Halas, interview references risk

January 17, 2013 6:19:51 AM PST
A California science teacher was fired after school officials learned she had starred in pornographic movies.

She's been fighting to get her job back.

Her 12- and 13-year-old middle school students knew her as Ms. Halas, the science teacher. But fans of 32-year-old Stacie Halas knew her as "Tiffany Six," the porn star.

She is out of a job now, banned from teaching. A panel of three California judges unanimously agreed Tuesday that her past has no place in the classroom.

"We've had a viral buzz going around with little 12 and 13 year olds showing porn," said Tom DeLapp, spokesperson, Oxnard, Calif., school district.

The Oxnard school district initially fired Halas in April after students at Haydock Intermediate School found she'd performed in at least 18 X-rated films from 2005 to 2006.

In a behind-the-scenes audio interview posted on, Halas reportedly talks about the dangers of her double life.

"It's a little risky wouldn't you think?" the interviewer says.

"It is risky, very risky for me," Halas said. "I am a teacher."

"Do you think if they find out you'll get fired?" the interviewer asked.

"Uh, questionable, probably," she responded.

Halas' attorney says she never starred in any porn while teaching. So in October, she appealed for her job back, but the state panel now says her testimony was full of "misleading and evasive statements, and outright falsehoods."

"I just feel as educators we're the professionals, and we should a have a high standard for all of us," said Supt. Jeff Chancer, Oxnard school district.

Halas' attorney says she's changed her life and now only wants to be a teacher.

"She feels that by redeeming herself she sees it as a positive message to anybody," said attorney Richard Schwab. "I think she's representative of a lot of people who may have a past that may not involve anything illegal or anything that hurts anybody."

Judge Julie Cabos-Owen said such a past matters in an age when technology makes porn easy to access and hard to bury.

"Although her pornography career has concluded, the ongoing availability of her pornographic materials on the Internet will continue to impede her from being an effective teacher and respected colleague," Cabos-Owen said in the 46-page decision issued Friday by the Commission on Professional Competence.

Halas, 32, was continually deceitful about her nine-month career in porn before she went to work at the school, the judges said.

Schwab said Halas "was being honest and forthright, but was embarrassed and humiliated by her past experience in the adult industry."

Student claims that the teacher was moonlighting as a porn star were initially dismissed after school officials said they couldn't find any images of her on the Internet - but they were using the school's computers, which don't allow access to porn.

Teachers then showed administrators downloads of Halas' sex videos from their smartphones.

In hearings, former assistant principal Wayne Saddler testified that at the start of a sex video, Halas talked about being a teacher and he felt her effectiveness in the classroom had been compromised.

After rumors of her performance surfaced, profanity was etched on Halas' classroom window, a teacher testified.

Schwab has said Halas did not star in pornographic movies while teaching in any district. He said she took parts because of financial problems after her boyfriend abandoned her.

Chancer applauded the commission's ruling.

Halas' decision to "engage in pornography was incompatible with her responsibilities as a role model for students," Chancer said in a statement.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.